Ribolla - Grey Classic Clear Sidewall closed

From £4,357.50
Tax included. Delivery quoted on enquiry. Installation quoted for on an individual basis.

The Ribolla veranda comes standard with:

  • One fully enclosed back wall made of 14 Grillo fence sections of 210 cm height;
  • One fully closed sidewall from Grillo fence parts with an optional polycarbonate keyframe;
  • One platform side out of 6 Grillo fence sections of 90 cm high;
  • A tube at the front of 110x110;
  • Square posts are delivered standard without base plate at the front and with base plate at the back (gutter side).
  • Grillo fence parts and posts are delivered in oversize and have to be cut to size on site.
  • The maximum width between two posts is 4 metres.